Organic Forest Honey


Use this honey for its flavour and its health-promoting ingredients. You get a jar of tropical honey that’s organic. This option gives you pure honey without the added black seeds of our other variety.



Use this honey for both its flavour and health-promoting ingredients. You also get a jar of tropical honey that’s organic, which gives you pure honey without the added black seeds contained in our other variety.

Experiment with something different other than regular honey with this extraordinary forest honey. We bring it to you from the forests of Africa, where wild bees make it with the nectar of flowers in the Miombo region. You will get a jar of 100 percent pure honey that’s certified organic.

Just like Manuka honey, which people use as a natural remedy, this honey gives you both a unique flavour and so many health benefits. Feel free to eat it by itself, add it to food or apply it to your skin.

We have left this honey alone, so that it can shine on its own, with its delicious flavour and health qualities. We also offer another variety, however, with added black cumin seeds, as this will give you added skin care, other health benefits and additional flavour.

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