Black cumin seed oil your path to a healthier life

Black seed oil is a substance that is extracted from the seeds of Nigella sativa, a plant that is native to Egypt, the sub-continent and Asia. Black seed and black seed oil have long been used as herbal medicine for skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry skin, allergies, colds and more serious health conditions, such as asthma, arthritis, cancer and diabetes. As the prophetic traditions of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said:

There is healing in black cumin for all diseases except death.

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  • Black seed oil capsules gives you the health benefits of Black Cumin Seed oil in an easy to take form. Each Container of Balck Seed oil capsules includes 60 x 500 mg capsules Or the equivalent of 1 months Supply. The capsules are made with Halal beef gelatin, and contain 100 percent pure black seed…

  • Choose this black seed soap and shampoo bar to cleanse yourself in the most natural and health-promoting way. The 87g and 7cm diameter bar contains both black seed oil extract and seeds, giving you all the health benefits of this natural oil through your skin.

  • Combining two of nature’s greatest miracles, our amazing black seed honey has a sweet and unique flavour of delicious organic honey with the added health benefits of Nigella sativa black seeds. Our black seed honey contains pure organically certified African honey, combined with wonderful volatile oils and the other ingredients contained in black seeds. Weight/ Size…

  • This is the by far the strongest and most potent black seed oil on the market. If you want super health benefits all in a small teaspoon of oil, this is the range for you. With much a higher dose of volatile oil of up to 4.6%, it has a serious kick to its taste.



  • I love my blessed seed oil been taking it for 3 months and my blood pressure has been good. No more pills for me. It’s the best!

    Susan Steck

  • I have PPP ( Palmoplantar Psoriasis ) and I have using Black Seed Capsules foe a few month. I can not be happier with their product. I take it along with the vitamin K2D3 and Magnesium oil and its cleard to 80% of my Psoriasis. I would highly recommend this to anyone with this dreadful condition.


  • I stared taking Black Seed because I was constantly tied all the time. Every day I took Black Cumin Seed oil it kept on giving every day. I felt better and better my energy was returning and bring life as a dehydrate plants responds to water.

    Wanda P.

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There have been over 1000 peer reviewed scientific articles published about the health benefits of black seed oil, which all make it clear there are very few health issues black seed can’t treat and help to overcome. With very few to no side effects, the healing power of black seed oil is really quite remarkable.

Simple natural remedies, such as black seed oil, have a long rich history that has been almost forgotten. With all the major advancements in medicine and hygiene, we seem to have regressed and lost some of nature’s most amazing remedies that previous generations depended on for so long. Traditionally, black seed was used for headache, toothaches, congestion and infections. Today, black seeds oil is being used for a variety of conditions, ranging from asthma, allergies, coughing, bronchitis, emphysema, flu, blood pressure, cholesterol and even cancer.

The benefits of black seed for the human body are endless. In fact, there are genuinely very few things on the planet that can even come close to its healing power and potency.